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April 17 2017

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Credit @Thebeehive

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April 13 2017

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For Alice
From the White Rabbit
Come back sometime!
Year 1865
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Someone predicted the new highlight intro in 2016.
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April 11 2017

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April 07 2017

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the sound you dont want to hear - YouTube
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I tried a 2-D printer once, and the paper jammed.

So now I just painstakingly re-create my paper copies by hand, like a medieval monk.

i tried using paper, but the edges crumpled

so now i just chisel my commandments into stone, like old testament god

I tried using stone, but it cracked and broke.

Now I just scream everything at passersby, hoping they’ll remember what I said so I can ask them about it when I need it.

I tried shouting things at passersby but they ignored me.

Now I emit allohormones in a gypsobelum that bonds selectively with the recipient’s hemolymph to reconfigure their bursa copulax into a copulatory canal. I can only say one thing, “I want to mate with you,” but really, what else ever needs to be said?

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March 25 2017

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March 23 2017

Two Decades of South Korean Corner Store Illustrations by Me Kyeoung Lee

Artist Me Kyeoung Lee has spent the last two decades documenting the tiny convenience stores and corner shops that dot the streets of South Korea. She illustrates the stores, which are now quickly disappearing, with a dedication to the small details that make each unique. Mismatched chairs can be seen lined up out front, while tall cherry blossom or persimmon trees shade the buildings’ entrances.

Me Kyeoung Lee draws each of her illustrations with acrylic pens, and chooses to sketch each at noon to avoid the hazy shadows cast by early mornings or late afternoons. You can see more of her illustrated documentation on her website. (via Booooooom, Creative Boom)

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March 21 2017

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March 19 2017

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What You Say About Mental Illness vs What You Actually Mean.

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March 17 2017

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March 16 2017

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March 14 2017

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